‘ETHICS’ by Piyush Sharma-CASE STUDY

Recently we helped a client getting leads for a FASHION & LIFESTYLE workshop held in India. The workshop theme was to push the right practices of modelling and fashion to the aspirants. It was organized by one of the Television Actor from the region. The Workshop was for 6 days with specialties in Fashion, fitness, print and Ramp models.

We calculated the CPA (cost per acquisition), RS. 600 per acquisition.


Since Northeast India is considered the fashion hub of the country, the passion for lifestyle events is enormously huge in the region. There has been significant hike in the fashion and lifestyle events held in the region in the past decade by around 40%, demanding more aspirants to join the industry.


  1. Very limited time to collect leads (around 10 days).
  2. Lack of Website: Yes, it was the first season of the event and they were totally unaware of the fact that digital campaigns are built on the basis of the website functionalities.
  3. Limited budget.
  4. PARTICIPANTS REQUIRED: Minimum 20 sign ups.


Since the website was out of scenario, we had to use some default lead generation avenues, but the biggest hurdle was time and the budget.

Since the duration was only around 10 days, we decided we will evenly distribute the budget to each day and try to reduce the CPC/CPA by the end of the campaign. Facebook had its default forms for lead collection and even special funnels for it, but the CPA was way too high.

For this client, we launched cross-device campaigns through only Instagram and Facebook as the region is more active on these two. We didn’t spend a lot in any one area, but made sure that the company had visibility on just about every type of device (especially mobile, considering the demographic) and on every major ad platform.

We used Google forms instead of the website or the Facebook default LEAD GENERATION campaign and put the campaigns on only reach so that we can reach the maximum. The interested candidates will definitely click!

And yes, it worked. Instagram being one of the major contributor. We launched a series of ads under the campaign including display and video. Needless to say the reach of the video ads were way better than the display ads.



The first response was a test, so there were 26 responses, from all surrounding cities. The CPA went all below Rs. 400. Since this was not an actual funnel, the actual conversion happened was 20, so the actual CPA remained the same.

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